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And also through music, God speaks to us and heals us.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I can't help but feeling so overwhelmed at times and grateful to God for allowing me to share the gift of music He gave me with appreciative audiences. And even if they don't "get it", they "heard" the message. I think it to be a great responsibility of what God has placed in me.

My message is LOVE. At times when I hear and see the news on TV, it gets harder to sing of love....There is so much dispicable crime against human beings out there....It makes me believe this world is truly headed down "the path", if you know what i mean. I have to struggle with singing about love when you hear of a child being tortured or murdered; an elderly person being abused, beaten up or taken advantage of....But I realize that my job is to touch just one someone with my music....It is possible by them hearing "my message" of love, it will help them share it with someone else.

I pray that God's gift in me will touch everyone within ear-shot. Please pass the LOVE on!

There's a praise on the inside, that I can't keep to myself. A holler stirring up from the depths of my soul. But excuse if I seem a little giddy, maybe even strange, but praise is the way I say Thanks! Glory to God!

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